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Popcorn Powder Questions & Answers

    1. What's the best way to make Popcorn Powder?

    There are a couple of ways to make your Popcorn Powder! The best ways though are to Mix, Pop, Toss & Enjoy! Check out this quick video!


    How to make Popcorn Powder

    **Be sure that the Popcorn Powder is somewhat liquidy before tossing! If it's at all clumpy, add a little more oil or melted butter. Also, use butter only with Cinnamon Bun for best results


    2. Can I use Popcorn Powder Toppings in another recipes?

    Absolutely! Our toppings make everything popping!! From chicken, to pasta, to bacon to cookies, there are so many ways our seasonings can be used! For more ideas on how to use your Popcorn Powder toppings, check out our recipes section! 

    3. Is Popcorn Powder All Natural?

    It is! We never use fillers, additives or chemicals in our popcorn toppings! Check out the full nutritional content here!

    4. Can I use Popcorn Powder on store bought pre-made popcorn?

    You definitely can use our toppings on store bought popcorn! But keep in mind, if it's got heavy flavor, you may want to follow the directions for microwave popcorn and use water instead (see directions above) or just sprinkle it on top. Store bought popcorn often already has lots oils and other flavors already in place.

    5. Can I make Popcorn Powder with other oils or butters?

    Absolutely - just keep in mind the flavors will change slightly depending on what you use. Some of our favorites to try include coconut oil, avocado oil and ghee!

    6. Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship all over the world. Prices will vary, and will appear at checkout.

    7. Why does my bottle appear not full?

    Popcorn Powder sometimes settles and compacts during shipping. Be sure to turn yours upside down a few times to loosen things up.

    8. Is Popcorn Powder vegan?

    No, Popcorn Powder is made with milk products. Our Rosemary Parmesan topping has parmesan cheese, our Chipotle Cheddar topping has nonfat milk & cream, and our Cinnamon Bun is made with buttermilk powder.

    9. Can you put oil or butter in your Poppers?

    You definitely can! But, if you'd like to keep it on the healthier side, just add kernels and pop! 

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